Setting Column-Width

Column width and row height are easily adjusted by dragging mouse-pointers (, ). Methods for setting column width are described here; setting row-height is almost analogous except some cases.

™ To make several cells identical width

œThe case of continuous ranges

① Using Auto-Fill

Figure 1D

As can be seen in Figure 1, Width of B-column is first adjusted using, and followed by mouse-dragging at point toward right hand.

Figure 2D

inotej Sequenced columns having variety width as shown in Figure 2 are also available for keeping identical regularity. If you dragged to E ` G ranges, columns E, F, and G become 25, 50, and 40 px, respectively.

② After selecting multiple columns

Figure 3.

First you select multiple columns using (mouse-pointer for selcting column), subsequently multi-columns are readily adjusted similarly by a single dragging of (mouse-pointer for adjusting cell-width) at any column inside the selection.

œ Discontinuous case

① After selecting preset column(s) with , click a command button(Copy & Paste of format), and subsequently click or drag required column(s).

If several region of columns are needed to set, double-click of the button is convenient. After completion click this button again.

② With the use of Ctrl-key and , select discontinuous columns as shown in Figure 4DSet these columns by similar method as described at ② of the previous section.

Figure 4D

③ Instead of using the command button (), conventional method of [Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V] is also available if you select "format only" at a stage of appearance of (paste option).

™ Adjust column width automatically

Figure 5D

As shown in Figure 5, double-click at the position makes all columns to an appropriate width according to the string length.