Row deletion at fixed interval

To delete rows at constant intervals is rather bothersome if the sheet contains so many lines. An ascending sort technique is proposed here for row deletion.
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Row Deletion at every other line

Figure 1.

As demonstrated in Figure 1 left, at inserted Column A, cells A2 ` A3 are selected and dragged down to the bottom of the table using Auto Fill (Excel) technique (see Figure 1. middle).

Select entire Table and an ascending order of "A Column" is chosen for sorting. A resultant table is shown in Figure 1. right where needless rows are ranged at the botomn of the table. Deletion of these rows is quite easy.

Meaningless contents of "A Column" are preferable to delete after completion.

Case of every fourth line

Figure 2.

Insert Column A as shown in Figure 2 DType 1,2,3 in cells A2 ` A4, and select A2 ` A5. The subsequent procedure is as same as that of the previous section.

In the case of every third line, use 1,2,  cells, and case of fifth use 1,2,3,4,  cells. ( Note:   means vacant cell )

If you would like to delete both 2 lines (say every fourth and fifth line), you can use 1,2,3, ,  cells.