Mouse-pointer and Focus

When you use several windows simultaneously, only the front window is called Active Window. Only active window is effective for user's command.

about Focus

"Focus" is a point at which application such as Excel, Word receive user's input.

On the whole blinking cursor has "Focus".

In Excel, active cell has "Focus".

Highlighted characters have also "Focus". At the stage of saving document default name appears in a textbox such as "Book1.xls" with a highlighted style. As this part has "Focus", it is convenient to type immediately without deleting the default letter.

Mouse Pointer

Representative mouse pointers are as follow.

Ordinary selection
Selection of string
Enlargement and reduction in horizontal direction
Enlargement and reduction
Selection of linked page etc.


It is important to distinguish the nature between "Focus" and "Mouse pointer". If you perform [mouse-right-click] at an ambient spot, the point you click turns out to be a position having "Focus".