Common action at many situation

How to select items

Items to be selected may include string, paragraph, file, folder, cell, row, column, and so forth.

A) Select all items

An actionu Ctrl + A v can select all items at almost every circumstances.

B) Select plural items ranging continuous manner

method 1. Mouse-drag directly c This may be the simplest way but apt to fail if the region has quite a wide range.

method 2. With the use of Shift-key

Here is an example using Excel application for selecting cells, rows, and columns.

In any case, first you select starting origin and click destination while pushing [Shift-key]. It is also possible to use cursor-key ( ) and scroll-button.

C) Select plural items ranging discontinuously.

Common process is to use Ctrl-key. Click each required item while pushing Ctrl-key. If you click a same item again, the selection is cancelled.

How to copy and paste