Carbon Copy in Excel

Formerly carbon copy is conveniently performed by inserting carbon paper among sheets when we write manuscript with ball-point pen. In Excel application we can use similar technique, if Excel-sheets are grouped.

Grouping of sheets

A start up Excel exhibits normally three sheets i.e. Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3. You can set additional sheets by simple [Add-sheet] procedure.

In order to group sheets: if the sheets to be grouped are ranged continuously, at an active sheet click a sheet tab of destination while pushing Shift-key; if the sheets are discontinuous, select sheet tabs holding Ctrl-key. (See Figure)

All sheets are selected by the action [Select All Sheets] at a sheet tab with the use of mouse-Right-click.

To release grouping, act an opposite performance of each procedure mentioned above.

Selected sheets allow you to type text, to set row/column length, to change other formatting, and so on simultaneously.