Select string and transfer (Word)

At many applications a word can be selected by double-click at an arbitrary spot, and an entire paragraph(or sentence) is selected by triple-click. Characteristic methods are described here, focusing on selection of string in Word application.

Selection of line(s)

Figure 1.Selection of line and paragraph

If you move mouse-pointer outside the left margin, pointer alters to . A single line is selected by single click as can be seen in the Figure, on the other hand by double-click and triple-click, entire paragraph and a whole document can be selected, respectively.

If you drag down the pointer plural lines are selected.

Selection of sentence (Ctrl key)

A sentence is readily selected by a click of any part of the sentence while pushing Ctrl-key.

Select arbitrarily (Alt key)

An arbitrary part of document can be selected with the use of mouse-drag while pushing Alt-key.

F8 key (Word2007)

F8-key is conveniently used for selecting string in Word2007.

At any spot in document, the following action gives rise to various selections.

If You would like to cancel this action, press Esc-key.

Transfer of string

To move selected string (a word, sentence, and paragraph) to another location, sequenced actions [Ctrl + X (cut)] and [Ctrl + V (paste)] are the commonly used method.

Another method is as follow.

If the destination is nearby, direct mouse-drag of the selected string using is more convenient.

Selection of Cell etc. in table

Marks of ②, ③, ④ in the Figure are shapes of mouse-pointer at various position.

Other methods for selecting cell content

At the point of (bottom of cell: a close resemblance to paragraph mark), push → key only once while pushing Shift key.

Act [Triple-click] performance in the last paragraph (the bottom of cell).